Rape in the Syrian Regime’s Detention is an Elephant in the Room!

Within the campaign of Detainees_Are_Beauties, which is launched by "Peace Loop of Gaziantep" and "I am She" Network, journalist Yasmina Binshi wrote:

"All women detainees have been raped". A sentence said by a young lady in the Security Council in 2011, after being released of a detention lasted for fifty days, without being raped.

The rape obsession has never left my mind during my detention, I could not imagine or realize that moment in which the soldiers will enter my place to drive me to somewhere else, in order to rape me, I have never dared to mention the word of (Rape) even deep inside.

I waited for a day and two, a week, a month, and I have not been raped yet, not during the investigation, nor inside the dorm, and that was not because the soldiers are saints, on the contrary, they are very far from being humanitarian, with their sadism in torturing the detainees, women and men. But the media exaggeration for the few rape accidents inside the Syrian regime prisons, made the idea dominating on all detainees’ thinking, and still we cannot deny its occurrence in some individual cases, or on the regime military checkpoints, during the displacement of the families from the opposition strongholds to anotherarea.

This wrong mainstreaming, made the psychological situation of women detainees very bad, they live in a constant state of fear and anxiety, what makes them usually confess things they have never done in the investigation, for the fear of rape.

This mainstreaming was not a negative factor only for the detainees, but also for the whole society, where the divorce cases have multiplied among the women detainees, by husbands believe that their wives have been raped for sure.

I was a witness on many divorce cases on the kink of the Central Prison of Adra, in addition to the bad dealing with the detainees by their parents, and sometimes, the forcibly marriages took place, in order to"cover the scandal", because our societies in the middle east do not allow sin, even if it was under duress.

The obsession of rape is not the only pain suffered by the detainees, because the longer was the detention time was; the pain grew more and more, where after the detainee is presented to the Terrorism Judiciary, and is arrested in accordance with an adjudication, she starts another life with other forgotten detainees, who are either a hostage for a long-term swap with the opposition factions, or forgotten in the prison waiting for a divine miracle, can bring them back to freedom again.

Here begins a new fear, greater than the fear of rape, the hope is so simple like the simple life they live between the cold walls of dorms in the central prison, where hope is a nice dream they see every night, and in the morning, they rush to interpret it with a detainee who is expert in dreams’ interpretation. Or when someone’s shoe is flipped over; and you hear the byword: "you will be released soon; did not you see how your shoe has flipped over?"

The last hope is when they hear of a new swap through the prisons visits, to start questioning: "who will be named in the swap? And how many of us will be released within this deal?"

Without forgetting their heartbreaks while saying goodbye to one of them who was released, one of them whom they live with her a whole life with all its pain, sweet, and bitter, in circumstances imposed by the injustice and the reality of war.

Women detainees remain the Beautiful revolutionists, no matter how long the chains lasted, or the grief increased.

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