Is rape considered to be a way of torture?

Within the campaign of Detainees_Are_Beauties, which is launched by "Peace Loop of Gaziantep" and "I am She" Network, journalist Rukaia Obady wrote:

Since the secret prisons and the torture and repression tools were found by leaders, they followed many insulting ways to make their opponents reach the maximum decadence situation, only to break them deep inside and force them to reveal and admit all the information they have.

Women's Rape is considered one of the most brutal means of torture throughout the history, and it has several cases: 

A girl may be taken from her house to be raped in front of a relative of her, to force him admitting, and whatever the rape’s goal was; this act expresses a barbaric state in the jailor’s soul and life, so it may be nothing more than satisfying animal instincts.

The statistics in Syria show that the Syrian regime has arrested more than 120.000 person, including more than 8000 women since the outbreak of the protests in the country in March 2011.

The statics confirm that hundreds of women were raped inside the regime’s prisons, but having precise numbers of the raped women is almost impossible, due to the attempts of hiding the truth by the ladies after their release, because of the restrictions imposed by the social culture.

After prolonged dialogues with many of those women who were raped, the case of mass women’s rape and forcing men to watch this tragedy to humiliate them; was a common element among all who testified about the rape cases occurred during long periods of detention.

Certainly, the sexual exploitation attempts are not limited on the detainees only, where there are a lot of documented cases in different Syrian regions, especially within besieged areas, where officers and soldiers affiliated with the Syrian regime forces are trying to barter sex for food.

Until today, and after a lot of studies carried out by humanitarian organizations such as Syrian Human Rights Network, the number of women who are still inside the Syrian intelligence cellars, cannot be known precisely, but certainly it exceeds hundreds or thousands, and the cases of harassments and rapes are continuous until the moment, and new cases and different testimonies are being documented daily by many local and international organizations.

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