Ahmad... An Aleppan Orphan on the Streets of Lattakia - أحمد .. يتيم حلبي في شوارع اللاذقية
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Ahmed came to Lattakia to work with his uncle, four years ago. He left his family in the city of Aleppo, to come live and work in the coastal city as a street vendor, to secure his living sustenance, and to rely on himself. Since arriving in Latakia, he has not been able to see his family nor does he know anything about them. Despite his tender age, the 13-year-old has not forgotten his city of Aleppo, his street, his family, or his friends. When asked about his dreams, he answers in his distinct Aleppan accent: "I want to go back to Aleppo, to see my family… I dream of learning a profession I can live from.” Report by: Nai Saleh


  • اللاذقية

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