Aleppo’s Disaster Started .. Calls from Inside The Siege!

Um Modar hides in an underground shelter in the besieged eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo, with more than 50 children and 30 women: “because we do not trust the forces which besieged, killed, and bombed us, all we want is safe corridors to other liberated areas.”

Um Modar and many civilians in Aleppo, are living tough moments now. Like Ola, who fled her house yesterday, accompanies with her mother and daughter, leaving all her memories and things behind, her only goal is to survive.

Ola arrived in the opposition-held area of Al-Mashhad, “Now I am in Al-Mashhad, it is safe but under bombardment, we live in a house with more than one family, mostly women and children, who were displaced from Bustan Al-Qasr neighborhood after the Syrian Regime Forces advanced.” She said.

The disaster started

The Syrian regime forces were able to control more than 90% of the opposition strongholds in Eastern Aleppo since it started its last attack in the last three weeks.

The media activist Halim Kawa, who is in one of the besieged neighborhoods, said: the situation is very tragic and the opposition factions lost a lot of areas, only several neighborhoods remained with nearly 50 thousand persons. The house used to be dwelled with one family, is dwelled with more than 4 families now, which means huge human gatherings in narrow places, and that means that the massacres will increase, because the missile that hit two families in the building in the past will hit dozens of families now in the same building.

The battles are rising since yesterday, by the Syrian regime and its allies, and nothing remained but few Kilo Meters in the besieged neighborhoods.

Um Modar explains in a phone call with Rozana: “We are alive, we do not care about food or drink, we have not eaten anything since yesterday, but we are afraid of the Syrian Regime storming.

Fatal outlets if any!

Since the Syrian regime Forces started the siege on Eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo, there were many national and international voices calling to open safe corridors for civilians, but nothing happened in this direction, only few temporary outlets were opened in which crossed by some people to the regime strongholds in western Aleppo, including some fatal outlets!

Kawa confirms : “today’s morning, a number of families headed to the crossing of Jiser Al-Haj which is a battlefront with the Syrian regime, trying to go out of eastern Aleppo, but a shell fell on them resulted in 20 victims, between injured and dead.”

He added: “the Syrian regime is killing civilians as they try to flee, and there are many people whose news are unknown to us anymore.”

The media activist Hady Abdulla said that according to many testimonies by people there, more than 600 civilians were detained by the Syrian regime as they were trying to go out of Eastern Aleppo, and some of them were taken to the Syrian army in order to make them fight in the Syrian regime’ lines.

Insurgency in the rebel held areas

Many demonstrations were launched yesterday in the opposition areas, in Aleppo and Idlib countryside, protesting what is going on in the city of Aleppo, as well as the protesters rose their voices in the face of the extremist factions’ leaders.

Hady Abdulla is in Aleppo countryside, confirming that activists and journalists cannot fight but by their words, calling the opposition factions to rebel against their leaders in order to make them unite in the face of the Syrian Regime Forces advance.

He said: “there is a huge anger among the fighters, but stopped by decisions of the leader most of times, and a huge public anger in Idlib, and civilians in these areas gave the leaders a dead line of 24 hours, if they did not move to save Aleppo, civilians will attack their headquarters, take their weapons and go to the battlefields.”


The frustration was very clear in the speech of both Ola and Um Modar, a frustration of the international community towards what is going on in their city.

I failed to appeal to the UN, there is no language left that I did not use with them, and I attached my messages with pictures and videos, communicated with a lot of international organizations, and people from the staff of the international envoy to Syria, Staffan de Mistura, I contacted humanitarian organizations, but unfortunately,  all expressed their inability to do anything for evacuating civilians, and  wounded, and the negotiations are continuing to drive them out.

In spite of the statements that have been launched from Paris and Ankara and other capitals, but the writer Rima Fleihan believes that the statements are useless unless it were accompanied by real efforts on the ground to put pressure on the Syrian regime, and provide safe corridors for civilians.

She told Rozana: "What is happening today is a case of political intractability, and tyranny and no one can put a limit for this, and there is a clear abandonment by the United Nations in favor of Russia, what must be pressed really are the European countries in order to make them put pressure on the United States, to move the Syrian file the Security Council."

Away from what is happening on the global politics tables and underneath, Um Modar is still hiding in her shelter, she confirms to Rozana: "If we go out we will complete our journey, it does not matter if we died here, but we do not want our children to suffer before our eyes. I would like to say to people around the world, do not forget us, and tell our story to the whole world, and that was a revolution against injustice and has never been a civil war."