How Arab Leaders Commented on the "Tragedy" of Aleppo?

The Emir of Qatar "Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani" gave instructions to cancel all aspects of the commemoration of the National Day of his country, which is on the eighteenth of this month, in solidarity with the city of Aleppo and its inhabitants who are facing "the worst kind of repression and torture, displacement and genocide," according to the Emir statement published by the official News Agency of Qatar.

Qatari Emir's decision coincided with the silence from the rest of the Arab leaders who have not announced any statements so far about what is going on in Aleppo, where the Saudi delegate only said that that "the occupation of Aleppo is not the end of the ongoing Syrian revolution.

The king of Saudi Arabia "Salman bin Abdul Aziz" did not speak about what is happening in Aleppo during the opening of the first session of the "Shura Council", and he only talked about facing "extremism" and that all international crises can be politically resolved."

Unlike most Arab leaders, the western leaders and politicians published lots of phrases that express their solidarity with Aleppo, the Danish Prime Minister "Lars Locke Rasmussen" said in a tweet on (Twitter) that "a terrible tragedy is taking a place in Aleppo .. children are subjected to execution, hospitals bombed. . and violations against all humanitarian ethics. "

The British prime minister "Theresa May" said: "We are doing our best to ensure the cease-fire in the Syrian city of Aleppo until the United Nations can achieve security for civilians."

The new Prime Minister of France "Bernard Kaznov", stressed in a speech at the French parliament, yesterday, on the need to stop the massacres against the besieged civilians in Aleppo where he said: "There can be no impunity for war crimes in Syria," and that "the situation Aleppo is an affront to all humanity .. what is going on is unacceptable. "

The Swedish Minister of Culture and Democracy "Alice Bah Konki" wept, during an interview and said: "The words fail to describe the suffering of the besieged people of eastern Aleppo, that area turned into a real hell."

The Dutch Foreign Ministry summoned the ambassadors of Russia and Iran on the background of the tragic situation in Aleppo.

The Dutch Foreign Minister "Bert Koenders" addressed a Syria family hiding in one of the shelters in eastern Aleppo, saying, "You are not forgotten .. we love you .. and we spend long nights for you .. your voice is heard for us."

On the popular level, the children of Gaza demonstrated to support of their peers in Aleppo, and demanded the international community to stop the "massacres committed by the Syrian regime and its backers Russia and Iran."

In France, the lights of Eiffel Tower were turned off in Paris yesterday evening until morning, in solidarity with the civilians in Aleppo.

And over the past few days, dozens of demonstrations in several cities went out in front of Russian embassies and consulates to condemn the deteriorating humanitarian situation in the city of Aleppo.