How many journalists are trapped in Aleppo?

The opponent "Association of Syrian Journalists" has warned that dozens of journalists and media activists are still trapped in Aleppo under the threat of death, either by shoot on the spot or arrest and death under torture."

A statement issued by the Association demanded all the relevant international organizations, especially the United Nations, and civil organizations concerned with journalists' rights and safety, to do their best to prevent attacking civilians and civilians, especially that this has already repeated by the Syrian regime forces and the foreign militias support them.

The association considered that any "violent act against journalists is a vengeful act to blur the facts, and to abolish any role for the media in conveying the tragedy and the suffering of civilians and massacres that took place."

In a telephone conversation with Rozana, the association head "Ali Eid" said that "about 200 media activists and photographers who work for different means of media, are still trapped in the city and are vulnerable to shoot on the spot or detention by militias allied to the Syrian regime forces."

Eid added:  "We no longer know what is happening on the ground, maybe there were executions for activists, the situation is very bad," and he urged the international organizations to put pressure to find a way to keep these journalists safe, who worked hard to convey the truth from the inside," and considered that ignoring this issue is a crime and a violating the principles of the United Nations, which emphasizes the protection of journalists. "

The head of the Association said that "the evacuee journalists who will be displaced to the city of Idlib, will remain at risk," adding that "the danger is extended to the entire geographical area from Aleppo to Idlib."

He concluded warning those who commit violations against journalists, saying: "we will not ignore targeting the journalists, even during the military operations, we are documenting all these crimes to hold accountable all parties that have violated the freedom of journalists and freedom of the media in the future."