How “Naimi” Justified Spreading Rumors!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016 - 15:45


Ayham Salman

ضيف الحلقة: 

Mohamad Naimi:Chief of Syrian League for Refugees rights
Lawyer Orwa Sosi

In the episode we talked about the news was published recently on the Social Media, and some electronic newspaper, on the intention of canceling the Turkish visa composed upon the Syrian refugees by the Turkish government, according to a decision released on 8 January.

The news was spread within few hours after a post was published on the personal page of the Chief of the Syrian League for Refugees’ rights “Mohamad Naimi”, Preaching Syrians of canceling the Turkish visa for the Syrians, while other people rash to deny the news accusing Naimi of creating confusion.

Naimi said in a telephone interview with Rozana: “I intended to publish the news, although I was not sure about it, in order to draw the attention to the Syrian refugees’ suffering in the neighboring countries, and as an attempt to make our Turkish friends rethink about the visa, because Turkey is the Syrian’s only haven”, he added: “I am not regretful for what I’ve done at all, and I am ready to take the legal responsibility for that, but it was better to attack the people who harmed the Syrian rather than attacking me!”

We hosted also the lawyer and rights’ activist “Orwa Sosi” who told us about the mechanisms of taking such decisions, and he confirmed: “These decisions issued by the Foreign Ministry which is the only authorized to cancel it.” He added: “Turkish Parliament can pass this kind of decisions in case of having the majority votes in parliament, but the first consideration is the interests of the Turkish state and its sovereignty, and respect the agreements concluded by Turkey.”