Salah Al-Ashkar To Rozana: We Defeated Ourselves!

In a special interview with Rozana, the activist Salah Al-Ashkar commented on the evacuation from eastern Aleppo saying that it was not an easy choice under all the bad conditions experienced by the people there recently, confirming that all people in eastern Aleppo have always wanted to leave it but waiting for the chance.

Al-Ashkar added: "according to my information, there are 5000 people in there, including 1000 fighters and 4000 civilians, and we do not know if the available buses and cars are enough to get all those people out of there."

About the number of people who will stay in eastern Aleppo after the end of the evacuation process, he said: "We do not know the precise number of the people who are going to stay in Aleppo after the end of the evacuation process, but our hearts will stay with them, because no one can guarantee that the Syrian regime will not encroach on them, because this regime cannot be trusted, so I ask them to go out now, and we can manage to let them go back to their beloved homes later."

About their role as activists after leaving the city, he said: "after the overthrow of Aleppo, I can see that the Syrian revolution is passing through a tragic stage, because there is no public base for the revolution anymore, and as an activist, I do not think that I cannot be free to express my opinion anywhere else like I used to do in Aleppo, so our mission now, as activists, is only to replant  ideas and values of revolution in the brains of the new generation, perhaps they will do what we were unable to do."

He concluded saying: "there is no use of hiding the truth, we were defeated, or rather we have defeated ourselves. In 2012 we had the chance to topple the Syrian regime but we lost it, and in 2013 we started walking in the tunnel of Defeat. Hope is always there, but we lost the enthusiasm that we had in 2012, so the way of revolution now is for those who have not lost their hope and enthusiasm yet, to continue what we started."