Rozana - Exclusive: Operations to Evacuate Shayrat Airport since Weeks Ago

An exclusive source confirmed to Radio Rozana that Syrian regime’s forces started evacuating Shayrat airport, in Homs eastern countryside, about a month ago, especially by Iranian forces. The sources pointed out also that this came after an order from the Russians.

According to the source, the Iranian fighters at Shayrat airport were evacuated about a week ago, and transferred to “Brigade 120”, which is located near Al-Sayyid in Furqlus, east of Homs. 

The source added that the movement of the regime army’s helicopters at Shayrat airbase did not stop over the past two weeks. “Iranian fighters confirmed that the Russians forced them to leave the airport,” said the source. 

In this respect, US media reported, on Friday from an eyewitness, that the Syrian regime’s army evacuated the personnel and the equipment from Shayrat airbase before the American strike. 

The American TV channel ABC said that “the behavior of the regime’s army proves that it was expecting the US missile attack, which started on Friday night and lasted about 35 minutes”. 

Further, al-Mayadeen TV stated, on its website, that the “the Syrian regime’s military leadership had evacuated most of its planes from Shayrat airport before the American strike and sent them to a safe military base”.

What draws the attention is a tweet, posted by the State Department on Tweeter, taken from   President Trump’s statement. The tweet says: “the Russians were notified ahead of the strike and the military planners took precautionary measures to reduce the risk of Russian or Syrian crews being at the base.

A US Department of Defense official said that the Shayrat base “contained Russians,” without indicating the role they were playing there. He added that the US had many calls with the Russians to warn them about the strikes.

“Russia 24” broadcasted footage, taken by its correspondent in Syria, of the Shayrat airbase in the countryside of Homs, after being hit by the American strikes using Tomahawk winged missiles.

The correspondent of the channel stated that the US strike resulted in the destruction of nine warplanes. However, he described the damage on the runway as “limited”. 

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced the death of four Syrian soldiers belonging to the regime’s forces and the loss of two people, while six others were wounded because of the American strike on Shayrat airbase. 

On Friday morning, the United States bombed Shayrat military airbase using Tomahawk missiles, after the US President Donald Trump ordered a military strike against the Syrian regime as a response to the chemical attack in Khan Shaykhun.