What Delayed the Evacuation of Civilians from Aleppo?

Investigations Wednesday 14th December 2016 |Rozana

The evacuation process of besieged neighborhoods of Aleppo was delayed after it was supposed to start on Wednesday at dawn, while Ankara accused the Syrian regime of obstructing implementing the evacuation agreement, and France demanded the UN to monitor the implementation of the agreement on the ground.

Sources from the regime-held areas in Aleppo said to Rozana: "The implementation of the agreement has not begun yet", denying that any of the opponent civilians or fighters have exited from these neighborhoods so far"

The sources added that "Iran is impeding the implementation of the evacuation of civilians and fighters of Aleppo, and demands evacuating the same number of civilians from the besieged towns "Kefraya" and "Fouaa" which are besieged by the opposition faction in "Idlib" countryside."

An agreement was reached, on Tuesday, serving a cease-fire in Aleppo, and start evacuating civilians on Wednesday at [03:00] AM GMT.

For his part, Turkish Foreign Minister, Mawloud Jawish Oglu, said that "the Syrian regime's army and other militant groups fighting with it, are trying to disrupt the agreement in Aleppo."

He pointed out that "the equipment has been completed for establishing camps to host fleeing civilians from Aleppo in Turkey and northern Syria."

The "Syrian Observatory for Human Rights" said that source in western Aleppo said: "The delay in implementing the agreement in Aleppo due to the desire of the Syrian regime in delivering a message to Russia because the latter imposed the agreement without the approval of the Syrian regime."

The French Foreign Minister, Jean-Marc Evault said: "there is confusion surrounding the process of evacuation of civilians and opposition fighters from the eastern Aleppo, which shows the need for the presence of United Nations monitors on the ground to manage the process."

The besieged neighborhoods of Aleppo are cautiously calm since Tuesday evening, except for a bombardment was carried out by the regime's army on these neighborhoods for half an hour on Wednesday morning.