Syrian Refugees are not Allowed to Enter a Swedish Restaurant

News Wednesday 24th February 2016 |Rozana

 A restaurant in the city of Kalmar in Sweden has refused to receive refugees as customers, especially the Syrian nationality holders.

One of the restaurant's customers wrote in his tweet on (Twitter), on Sunday, that "the manager of this restaurant refused to receive anyone who shows foreign features, particularly Syrian nationals."

The writer described the restaurant owner as "racist" and wondering "Where is the equality policy in Sweden towards of this act."

While the newspaper (expression) quoted for Swedish eyewitness saying: "I saw the restaurant guard outside are trying to prevent a number of people who show the features of non-Swedish or European, from entry".

For his part, the manager (Tales) responded on this procedure by saying in an interview with the newspaper (Local Barometer) that "his behavior is not racist, and the restaurant receives many foreign passports and identity documents' holders, pointing out that he did not allow access to the owners of the expired documents and identities."

He justified his refusal to let the refugees enter, saying "we do not know who they are and where they come from," adding that “I discuss the matter with police” he claimed.

He adds "I do not want to lose the license for the restaurant and the bar, because of unidentified people who come to us dressed in sports."

 According to Radio "Alcolmbs", these incidents have received widespread and echo broad across the local newspapers, which developed the doubt towards the policy of integration and the Swedish integration with the entry of tens of thousands of refugees into the country a month, and predicted the advent of more refugees in the coming days.