New Procedures for the Granting Unpaid leave for workers in Syria!

News Monday 07th March 2016 |Rozana

The Syrian government issued a number of new decrees about instructions and procedures for granting unpaid leave and permission to leave the country and accepting the resignation for workers in the public sector.

The Director of workers’ affairs  in the Ministry of Local Administration, Wasfi Abu Fakhr, according to the website "economic", on Sunday, that  the new procedures included the "the approval of the public body which owns the worker's , to the requests, after knowing the reasons and the issuance of the competent authorities to grant unpaid leave for less than six months."

He continued, "The unpaid leave for more than six months is studied by the central committees."

According to the new decision, "giving the public body that worker belong to the approval of the permission to leave requests, and study necessary and a proposal on special unpaid leave, if more than six months by the central committees in the ministries or similar committees in the provinces."

And “the Stakeholders have the right to grant leave that do not exceed 6 months, in addition to granting approval of the decision to resign from the owner the right to appointment requests."

In recent years, there were a significant rise in the requests of unpaid leave and permission to leave the country because of the war, economic and security conditions.