Daali..Transmitting the Syrian War Worldwide

Investigations Friday 18th September 2015 |Rana Alzain

“If it is not happening in your country that doesn’t mean it is not happening, think about Syria”

This is the phrase that admins of Daali page on Facebook have chosen to be the motto on most of their posters.

The last poster was a picture of the Kabaa in Mecca with ISIS flag on it, and most of pilgrims wearing black, and this picture has been published during the pilgrimage season.

The posters designers showed no fear of any threat or criticism for choosing the Kabaa, and in a speech with Rozana they said that they don’t mean to offend a religious symbol, but it is a warning of ISIS expansion.

The admins prefer to keep their identities undeclared, they are anti-war, “I don’t belong to any specific nationality, I don’t believe in geographical borders”, and this way the admin prefers to identify himself.

He continued “I don’t belong to any political party, and I think politics is the reason for wars in the world” and he added “we have chosen Syria because it represents the worst situation in the world nowadays.

And he added “the idea came out due to West ignorance of wars, they don’t care as long as these wars are not happening in their countries, because destroyed homes are not theirs, and raped women are not their wives, they don’t care just because they are not living there”.

He explains “it was necessary to transfer the war to their lives through high-resolution photos to see their cities destroyed, perhaps they wake up and interact with others’ tragedy”.

The page admin concluded his speech with denying that the page named after the famous surrealist painter Selvador Dali, in spite of obvious surrealism in the page artistic designs.