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Editor in ChiefLegal Representative: Lina Chawaf
Lina  Chawaf  is a journalist  has  been  working for  TV, radio, newspaper  since  1992.
She  has made  hundred  of  TV commercials  and  many TV  clips   for Unicef .
She has  established  2 radios station in Syria ( Arabesque- Mussika ) and she has been a program  manager of Arabesque radio for 7 years .
She has written some articles for newspaper ( Baladna in Syria  – Almoustakbal in Canada ) and Magazines (Shabablek in Syria  –Sabaya in Syria ).
She has been  working as a consultant  media  with IMS and she works as a trainer  for  journalists .  
She has been working as  a TV reporter ( orient  TV ) and she had her program on the radio for 2 years ( Arabesque ).
Rozana Advisory Board:
The Advisory Board comprises five members, appointed by the Rozana General Assembly based on their individual capacity as prominent professionals who accepted to perform this task, and based on Rozana's ethical standards.ming 
The Advisory Board is tasked to engage in a constructive critical dialogue with the editorial team aiming at stimulating and supporting continuous development at Rozana; in order to help make Rozana a media with elevated levels of professionalism, objective awareness, and reaching a growing and diverse audience Syrian.
The Board shall focus, in particular, on the development of Rozana's strategic potential, through enabling its publishing and promotion through various media such as the Web, satellite and FM transmission, as well as social networking.
The Advisory Board should also take into consideration providing professional advice and intervention on specific, tangible, issues, useful to the implementation of Rozana policy as provided by the editor and its consideration and discussion with the management team. The Board will assist in such without losing sight of the mission and vision upon which Rozana was built.
Agnes Levallois
Mrs. Levallois holds a degree from the National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations, and has been a student at the French Institute for Arabic Studies in Damascus.
She is the former News Department and Programming Director at Radio Monte Carlo International, as well as Director-in-charge of Programming in the Arab section at France 24. Mrs. Lavallois is currently working as a professor and lecturer at the Institute of Political Studies in Paris.
Hala Qadamani
Independent reporter, working as an editor at the French newspapers, Journalism Coach to professional journalists, citizens and young Syrian journalists.
Mrs. Qadamani previously worked as Editor-in-Chief of the Arab section of France 24, as well as being in charge of media relations in many Arab and international organizations.
Ammar Abd Rabbo
Syrian press photographer, residing in France. He covered wars in Lebanon, Iraq, Bosnia, Libya, as well as events in his country Syria.
Ammar Abd Rabbo's photos have featured in some of the most important international newspapers such as Le Monde, Der Spiegel, Time Magazine, Paris Match; in addition to being front cover images for more than sixty magazines around the world.
Ayad Shehab Ahmed
Former Director Damascene version of Media Production company, currently Manager of Media Snapshot Production company, an institution focused on productions focusing on the situation in Syria.
Dominique Thierry
A French Journalist and Trainer, Dominique Thierry is a Media management expert with 20 years’ experience in developing media programmes at international levels. He has spent much of that time as Team Leader managing training and capacity-building media programme in many countries in Europe and Africa. After a sting as journalist in Scotland and Oman, he managed the Written Press Department for the Robert Schuman European Institute of Journalism and stayed in Brussels for another 7 years as Chief Correspondent for French public radios. He joined RFI in Paris as deputy head of the economy section before moving on to the Balkans where until 2010 he founded several  radio stations. Now a full time media development consultant, he is managing for the Thomson Foundation the EU funded Open Media Hub project for the 17 Neighbourhood countries, including Syria. He holds a Master of Arts in Political Science from the Institut d’Études Politiques of Grenoble and a Master of Arts in International Journalism from the City University of London. He is French and speaks fluent English and Serbo-Croatian with notions of Russian; born in Morocco, he has some understanding of colloquial Arabic. He is divorced with three children.
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